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A Farewell to Orkut from Sachin Karpe

Orkut, Sachin Karpe

It’s time for a decade old journey to come to an end with Orkut’s official announcement to say a goodbye. It is official declared at Orkut will shut down on 30th September 2014. This social networking site has become extremely popular in 20th Century, allowing users to connect with like-minded people. Mr. Sachin Karpe thinks that Orkut has given the online users the window to enjoy online interaction with thousands of people, irrespective of the location.

Orkut was introduced by Google to reach out to masses who are interested in meeting new people and connecting with people they know. Interactions, photo sharing, testimonials had made Orkut extremely popular, explained Mr. Sachin Karpe. According to him, Orkut died out very soon because of the launch of many other social sites and evolving layouts and features have outpaced Orkut’s growth. But, this farewell will be the last bid to the world of social testimonials.

The firm has decided to focus their vigor and resources on making the other social platforms such as Google Plus, YouTube and Bloggers to provide much better experience for everyone who uses them. Mr. Sachin Karpe indicates that with this step, the firm is likely to bring in more features for users on other platforms, allowing them to spark more conversations and build more connections.


Hyundai Motors Recalls Elantra from US market

Hyundai, Sachin Karpe
Hyundai Motor Co has recalled 58,000 Elantra cars in North America and Canada says Sachin Karpe. These models were manufactured between 2010 and 2012. Due to a manufacturing defect in the support bracket, the car’s air bag deployment could go faulty. US safety regulator has ordered for recall, fearing danger in safety. About 35000 cars have been recalled in US and some 23000 in Canada.

Idea Cellular Inks a Tri-Party Deal to Offer Internet

Idea Mobile, Sachin Karpe
Idea Cellular’s 137 million subscribers will now have access to sponsored mobile data through sponsored web passes, after it inked a deal with Opera Software and Quikr says Sachin Karpe.

The deal will enable more Indians to get online experience through internet on their mobile phones.
A web pass is an alternative to monthly data plans for consumers who do not require full-time internet access. This solution provides affordable internet packages, tailor-made to enable internet access for particular timelines or websites, such as Facebook access for a day or internet access for an hour at just Re. 1, reported a leading business daily.

Indian Restaurant Wins Accolades in UK

Indian Restaurants, Sachin Karpe

Indian food is loved across globe exclaims Sachin Karpe. A recent testimony to it was established in Britain when an Indian restaurant namely Gymkhana was named as the National Restaurant of the Year. Situated in London’s Mayfair area, the restaurant had opened in 13 September and has been widely appreciated by renowned culinary experts in World. A large chunk of Indian diasporas have been instrumental in popularizing the restaurant. With many like restaurants already functional in UK, Gymkhana battled out several other players to become a top of the mind recall for many Indians residing in UK.