Must Read Business Books by Sachin Karpe 

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As a successful businessman Sachin Karpe shares few business books to beginners to become successful in their upcoming business.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things, by Ben Horowitz – The hardest thing in leadership is managing your own psychology, and yet it’s also the least talked about. Ben “goes there” with a startling authenticity that took his blog for me to must-read status, before his worldview crystallized into this magnum opus.

Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman – The flip-side to the coin of empathy is self-awareness. Goleman has gone on to write that self-awareness is the only predictive trait of leadership. I agree.

Moneyball, by Michael Lewis – Most people think this is a book about baseball. But it’s also a book about intellectual honesty, about the difficult balance struck between instinct and data, about the clash between old guard and new thinking that occurs in all industries, and how industries can be transformed when conventional wisdom is challenged by an upstart who will be seen as a confused outsider when she first arrives, but who will later be crowned a hero says Sachin Karpe

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