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How to Increase the Power of Listening by Sachin Karpe

Listening PowerEveryone should be a good listener as it is very important for the business. Listening makes our loved ones feel worthy, appreciated, interesting, and respected. When we listen, we foster the skill in others by acting as a model for positive and effective communication says Sachin Karpe. Parents listening to their kids helps build their self-esteem. At work, listening saves time and money by preventing misunderstandings. Listening skills fuel our social, emotional and professional success, and studies prove that listening is a skill we can learn. One must face the speaker. sit up straight or lean forward slightly to show your attentiveness through body language, maintain eye contact, to the degree that you all remain comfortable, Minimize external distractions. Turn off the Tv, respond appropriately to show that you understand.


How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur by Sachin Karpe

Successful Entrepreneur

If you want to run a business you should know the right place and time to begin. Being an entrepreneur is definitely a high-risk, high-reward position and is full of stressful situations says Sachin Karpe. Some steps to follow are to think of a great idea. An entrepreneur should write a business plan and Include details and descriptions, plan everything out realistically. He should take his time and evaluate the product at each section. According to Sachin Karpe, an entrepreneur  should pitch his idea to any potential investor to get money to start his company. If he has a good idea, they will love to invest their money in his company.

How to Apply for Car Insurance? Suggestions From Sachin Karpe

Car InsuranceWith increasing disposable income, consumerism has come thrive. This has resulted in a lot of people buying many expensive products. Given the huge amount they spend in acquiring these things, they constantly fear damages to it. Expensive cars are one of them. Which is why, a lot of insurance companies have launched car loans or auto loans to secure your much-loved vehicles, according to Sachin Karpe.

Consumers these days do not have to run pillar to post for buying car insurance. All they need to do is to approach their car dealer and seek which insurer they would advice. In most cases, while buying the car, you will also be sold insurance by the seller. In case you have not been, log on to any of the insurance companies’ websites and search for a car insurance. Do a detailed search on premiums and the kind of cover they provide. Online medium is the easiest and convenience mode of search and purchase. With easy steps you can instantly purchase a car policy, informs Sachin Karpe. All you need to fill the application is your car model number, car company etc and you are set to go for safe drive!

Top 5 Investment Ideas from Sachin Karpe for 2014

Investment TipsIt’s the time of the year when people lock in their funds for investments across several tools to save tax under section 80c. Sachin Karpe will give some tips that people can use to make investment for the next financial year. The investment ideas can be both for long term as well as short term.

  1. PPF or Public Provident Fund: It is one of the most sought after investment tool for a common man. Its rate of interest of 8.7% makes it very lucrative. Sachin Karpe’s favourite pick.
  2. FD or Fixed Deposits: Yet another product offered by banks that gives you return rate of interest for a depending on the period you choose. To be eligible to save tax, you will need to fix a certain amount for more that 60 months or 5 years.
  3. LESS or Equity Linked Saving Schemes: Equity Linked Saving Schemes is a tool that invests your money in equities, with a lock in of 3 years. You get a tax rebate plus a good return if the market has been performing very well.
  4. Property: If you do not wish to invest for tax saving but want your money to grow anyway, property or a real estate could be the right choice for you, opines Sachin Karpe. It gives an annual rate of interest which is much higher than inflation rate. Over all very lucrative.
  5. ULIP or Unit Linked Insurance Plan: It combines a safety of life insurance and a wealth creation. A part of your investment goes towards offering you a life cover and another is invested in equities based on what goals you set.

DII and FII Send the Market Rolling Down

Stock Market DownIn the absence of any strong positive trigger, Indian equities had a tepid start and subsequently lost ground, to move into the red rather quickly. The previous session’s activity too was marked by both DII and FII net selling into the markets and profit booking continues to dominate the mood on the street. Also, as we move closer to earnings season the market is likely to start adopting a more stock-specific flavour rather than get any directional moves in a significant way.  Financial service professional

NIFTY constituents are likely to report mixed earnings with IT and PHARMA likely to lead the charge of +ve earnings surprises while BANKS and INFRA stocks might see themselves losing ground on the back of weaker earnings. A bout of profit-booking within the early announcers of results particularly the large caps may set the cat amongst the pigeons and lead to mid caps too losing ground, irrespective of quality of results announced – that could provide some good opportunity to buy into dips within select mid caps, for the patient investors!

 The INR continues to lose some ground, though not in a quantum that could cause too much of worry and is also likely to see some reversals once large inflows that are in the pipeline (GSKPHARMA, TESCO, VODAFONE) get triggered in the coming weeks. Yields continue to hover in the 9% neighbourhood in the absence of any signals of inflation easing out significantly.