Monthly Archives: October 2013

What is up for the common man in monetary policy review today?

Yet again the fear has begun to loom over inflation at the onset of festive seasons. RBI GUV, Raghuram has acknowledged the dip in growth and rise in inflation which is good, feels Sachin Karpe.

While reviewing the second monetary policy, we will be expecting some major steps. His last review helped Rupee notch up against dollar significantly. This beefs up positive sentiments and expectations from this review, tells Sachin Karpe.

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BSE crosses 20k again

And the volatility is back, quips Sachin Karpe. Riding on RBI’s yet another announcement on cutting Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) rate.

The step by RBI has come in an attempt to boost economic activities and improve liquidity, informs Sachin Karpe.  Continue reading

How to beat financial crunch?

In a country continuously fighting inflation and a fluctuating economy, it is the middle class that usually suffers, feels Sachin Karpe. He will give some tips and guidance for people to face financial crunch that rises due to an irregular expenses. Sachin Karpe highlights some points below.

Spend less: You must curtail expenses which are of no need. Example: Reduce the number of lavish dinners in restaurants. Home cooked food will cost lesser and feed you well.  Continue reading